Mulled White Wine

White red wine is the traditional choice for mulled wine, we think white wine is equally delicious! Laced with flavours of ginger, orange, honey and spices, this Mulled White Wine is a perfect adult treat this winter.

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Serves: 4

Ready in: 30 minutes


2 pears  

20g ginger 

2 oranges 

750 ml (1 bottle) chardonnay white wine 

2 Tbsp Honey 

3 cardamom pods 

6 cloves 

3 star anise 

3 cinnamon sticks 

¼ tsp black peppercorns 

Sprig of rosemary 


  1. Peel and cut pear into quarters and remove pips. Cut each quarter in half. Thinly slice ginger and 1 orange. Juice the second orange into a medium pot. 

  1. Add all the remaing ingredients apart from the rosemary and bring to a simmer. Lower the heat to the lowest setting. 

  1. Let the wine mull for about 20 minutes, then remove from heat. While the wine is mulling, cut the sprig of rosemary into 4 pieces. Add rosemary when there is 5 mintues mull time left. 

  1. To serve; divide mulled wine between each glass, adding 2 pieces of pear, a star anise and a sprig of rosemary. 

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