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Pork is a popular protein with our foodies, and we're committed to bringing you the best New Zealand has to offer through our supplier Fresh Pork to create the tastiest meals possible!

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Here at My Food Bag we are passionate about delivering local, free-range and fresh ingredients to our foodies across New Zealand. With the recent expansion of our delivery network to new parts of New Zealand, as well as welcoming our new customers (#HELLONZ!) we thought we would introduce you to some of our suppliers from those regions.

Have you devoured one of our pork recipes lately and been left wondering about the journey from farm to plate? Well meet Fresh Pork, My Food Bag’s supplier of pork cuts and minced pork. Fresh Pork are a family-owned business, with key processing facilities in the new My Food Bag delivery areas of Levin and Timaru.
Fresh Pork abide by the motto: Raised Good, Tastes Good, Makes Sense. This motto underpins Fresh Pork’s pig farming and processing operations, as detailed below.

Raised good

Fresh Pork know that farming pigs requires expert knowledge, hard work and commitment. Therefore, the company ensures their farmers comply with a strict Code of Practice for Pig Suppliers, which promotes the welfare of the pigs at all stages of production. Fresh Pork believe the more natural the environment, the happier and healthier the pig – therefore the business adheres to following five freedoms:

1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – Fresh Pork pigs have ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigor
2. Freedom from discomfort – Fresh Pork pigs are provided with appropriate environmental shelter and a comfortable resting area (as evident in the photo above!)
3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease
4. Freedom to express natural behavior (no crates or cages here!)
5. Freedom from fear and distress (caring and consistent handling from farmers)

Fresh Pork is the exclusive licensee for Freedom Farms pork, an independently audited business who process and distribute the pork throughout New Zealand. Freedom Farms try their best to ensure Fresh Pork pigs have an easy road from farm to abattoir, with a short journey to reduce stress on the pig and by following humane practices.

Tastes good

By promoting the health and welfare of their pigs, Fresh Pork believe the pigs they farm are happier and therefore tastier. As a My Food Bag consumer you can be confident that the pork in your Food Bag is free range, free from growth hormones and New Zealand sourced. This makes it easy for our chefs to create delicious recipes featuring pork:

Asian Ginger Pork with Pear and Rice
Pork Belly with Crispy Noodle Salad
Crispy Jerk Pork with Rice Salad and Pineapple Salsa

Makes sense

As you can see from the above, My Food Bag is lucky to be working with a world-class pork supplier. We wouldn’t offer you anything less. To round off, we thought we would share a fun fact we learnt about Pork from Fresh Pork (No hogwash!): Did you know pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world accounting for over 36% of the world meat intake?


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