Roast Winter Veg with Lentil Salad, Coriander and Spiced Yoghurt

A Fresh Start favourite, this salad is pure winter goodness! This salad is great for a workday lunch, but is also hearty enough to be a delicious dinner.

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Serves: 4

Ready in: 35 minutes


Roast winter veg 

3 parsnipscut into quarters lengthways and root removed  

2 tsp mild curry powder  

½ tsp salt 

400g pumpkin, cut into 2cm wedges 

2 cloves garlic, cut into quarters 

2 tsp oil 

¼ cup chopped cashews 


Lentil salad 

1 Tbsp vinegar (e.g. red wine, white wine, cider) 

1 tsp honey 

1 tsp extra-virgin olive oil 

2 tsp mustard 

½ bunch silverbeetstalk removed and leaves shredded 

1 can brown lentils, drained 


Spiced yoghurt 

150g yoghurt 

1 tsp sriracha  

Coriander oil 

2 Tbsp coriander, chopped 

½-1 Tbsp olive oil  


To serve 

1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds 

1 Tbsp feta, crumbled (optional) 


  1. Preheat oven to 220oC. Line 2 oven trays with baking paper. 

  1. Prep and cook roast winter veg. Divide vegetables (not including cashews) between prepared trays, toss with oil and season. Roast for about 20 minutes, add cashews equally between trays and cook a further 4-5 minutes until vegetables are tender and cashew are lightly toasted. 

  1. Prep lentil salad. Whisk vinegar, honey and oil in a large bowl. Add silverbeet and lentils, toss to combine and season. 

  1. Prep yoghurt and corianderCombine yoghurt and sriracha. Combine coriander and oil.  

  1. To serve, spoon yoghurt onto plates. Top with lentil salad and roasted winter veg. Sprinkle over pumpkin seeds and feta, and drizzle over coriander.  

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