5 ways with Coconut Yoghurt

Coconut yoghurt is all the rage, and it’s no wonder with all the tasty ways you can use it. Not only can it be scooped onto your breakfast or used as a meat marinade like in our Coconut BBQ Chicken but we’ve thought of 5 other clever ways to use it that we thought you might like.

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1 Creamy dressings

- Whisk with lime, sweet chilli and soy for Asian salads

- Toss a tablespoon through freshly BBQ’d prawns with a handful of sliced chilli and a squeeze of lemon


2 Dairy free ice cream

- Blend with frozen bananas, brown rice syrup and cocoa nibs for a quick, easy ice cream

3 Dips

- Smash into avocados with lime and coriander for a twist on guacamole

4 Drinks

- Freeze into ice cubes and blend with fresh pineapple, white rum and dark rum for frozen pina coladas

5 Dairy free baking

- Fold through pancake batter in lieu of milk

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