Limelight Limes

Not many people know that limes are actually meant to be yellow when they are ripe and ready to use - not green! So our friends at Limelights are here to spread the word with their deliciously juicy (yellow!), New Zealand grown limes. They're perfect for cooking and cocktails and everything in between. Check out our Lime and Fish Sauce Dressing recipe to get you started!

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Try this light and refreshing salad dressing featured straight out of our new Dinnertime Goodness cookbook. Keep this dressing in a bottle or jar in the fridge, as it will keep for weeks (if it isn’t eaten first!).

Great for any Asian-style fresh salads or slaws, think bok choy, cabbage, radishes or mung bean sprouts, or even to jazz up a classic, leafy green salad. This dressing compliments a variety of seafood dishes and will be superb drizzled over a Thai beef salad.

1 tablespoon fish sauce
3-4 tablespoons Limelight lime juice
2 teaspoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons sesame oil
1 tablespoon oil 

1. Combine all ingredients and give it a good stir/shake before drizzling over your salad.


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