We’ve been on the hunt for ways to bring even more mouth-watering deliciousness to your table, and we’re excited to now be delivering some different and delectable cuts of beef. We’re here to give you the low down on these different cuts so you’re in the know and are equipped with all the facts you need to sound like a pro at your next BBQ!

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  1. The Beef Pave Steak

The centre (or heart) of the rump, it is a versatile flavoursome cut that is tender and juicy – making it the perfect steak!


  1. The Beef Picanha Steak

The cap of the rump and a very popular cut in Brazil (a country that could rival us for their love of BBQs!) where it is known as Picanha. Picanha's popularity is spreading as people discover it’s one of the most flavoursome of steaks and just needs a pinch of salt to come to life. Picanha steak is traditionally cooked either whole, as a roasting piece, or sliced and cooked as a steak to share.


  1. The Beef Bistro Steak

The eye of the rump, or rump medallion – a juicy and succulent tenderloin-sized rump, the perfect little cut of steak for pan frying.

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