Our Top 3 Tips for a Healthy Start to 2017

How have you started OWNing 2017? Here are 3 tips to get your year off to a fresh start!

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What’s fresh, enjoyable, and good for you? Apart from My Food Bag dinners, we’re talking about finding time to get outside and breathe in some fresh air each day. Set a goal to bask in the joys that are the great outdoors, for even just a few minutes every day. To kick-start this, try taking your break outside. Fresh air is awesome for waking you up if you hit an afternoon lull, boosting oxygen flow to your brain and helping to get your creative juices flowing again after a whole day sitting behind your desk!

Better yet, pair your fresh air time each day with exercise and hit your health new year’s resolutions out of the park. Get outside for a brisk walk, or run, and see if you can get your family or friends to tag along. An after dinner walk is a great way to wind down your day, and is even better if you can spend time with your loved ones or friends at the same time. Or, if a walk or a run isn’t your thing, you could bring out the sports gear for some good ol’ Kiwi backyard sports!


To continue your health-kick why not try to incorporate more fruit and veggies into your diet! It’s easy to get stuck in a fresh food rut, eating the same types of fruit and veg week-in and week-out (unless you’re tucking into a tasty My Food Bag meal). So why not set a goal to try a new fruit or veggie every week – you’ll find some new favourites in no time and your body will benefit from it too!

If you’re a regular Foodie of ours, why not note down your favourite summer veggies that have featured in your recent deliveries. Check out this Gourmet Bag recipe that incorporates some less commonly used ingredients like fennel, and the grain freekeh to try something different!


After ticking off all of the above you’ll be acing your new healthy lifestyle and could add another goal to your 2017 list! To save some money to put towards your adventures or investments, try writing a shopping list before you go to the supermarket and stick to it. If you don’t deviate from the list you wrote pre-shop you’re more likely to spend less – and limit the last minute sugary snacks you sneak into your trolley. Take a look at our last blog post that has a quick and tasty Banana Bran Muffin recipe, that way you can shop the list of ingredients and have what you need to make a healthier snack – it’s a win-win!

So with all that information and inspiration under your belt, are you ready to OWN 2017?

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