5 ways to use foil on the BBQ

It's time to dust off the barbie and clean your tools - summer is here and BBQ season is upon us! BBQ'ing can get messy, so to save you some time and add some extra flavour, we have a few different tips to share with you on how you can use foil on the barbie.

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Foil is a staple when it comes to BBQ'ing, so here a few no-brainers for making your outdoor cooking a dream. 

  1. - Use it to wrap veggies like jacket potatoes and corn - they'll cook nicely, and are all packaged up in easy to serve parcels.

  2. - Use it to cook delicate fish with lemon and herbs - wrapping up your fish into little foil parcels will help stop it from drying out, will keep it all tidily together, and means it will cook resting in all the herbs/flavours you've added. 

  3. - Lay foil on top of the grill to cook on if you have guests with allergies or who are vegetarians - you won't have to clean the BBQ entirely before cooking food for your guests with allergies/dietary requirements and it makes an easy job when it comes to tidying up.

  4. - When you feel like making dessert on the babrie, use foil to wrap banana splits with chocolate and marshmallows - it'll grill and melt into goey goodness without the sticky mess!

  5. - And, the biggest no brainer of all, use foil to cover your meats/dishes while they rest and keep warm before serving.


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Happy BBQ'ing!

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