Beekist® Y.E.L.O™ Tomatoes

It’s so important for food to look, as well as taste great! Some of the upcoming goodness is proof of just that – with some unusually vibrant tomatoes. They’re sweet, bursting with flavour and wait for it – they’re Y.E.L.O™! The team at Beekist® specialise in handcrafting perfect, flavoursome tomatoes. This taste sensation just had to be shared with our foodies.

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At Beekist®, their friendly growers are supported by another team of little helpers – in the form of humble, hard-working bumble bees.

You see, it takes something of a small miracle to handcraft the perfect flavoursome tomato. Soft rainwater. Gentle encouragement. Minimal interference. And round-the-clock care.

Their friendly bees fly freely between all the specially selected vine varieties, gently visiting each flower to ensure pollination just the way nature intended.

The result is a taste sensation that everyday foodies with a fascination for flavour love – just hours after they’re hand-picked from the vine.
Interesting facts:

  • Tomatoes should be stored on the kitchen bench at room temperature, not in the fridge
  • They're sweet and delicious with low acidity
  • Tomatoes have high levels of vitamin C
  • When left on the vine to ripen the flavour is perfect 


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