The Lucky Taco Story

What do you call a tangy, sour, spicy pickled red onion?! A pink pickle of course. This week our Veggie and Own Bag foodies will be serving this delicious condiment atop of Chilli Bean Nachos with Chilli Sour Cream. But where do these pickled delights come from? Read on to find out.

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Established in 2013, The Lucky Taco food truck is the spicy brainchild of husband and wife team, Sarah & Otis Frizzell. Besotted with tacos and after a love affair with food trucks during their honeymoon to LA in 2011, the pair set about to give keen New Zealanders a taste of the real deal – fresh, tasty and authentic soft shell tacos, served from a glittering, shiny taco truck. Now a firmly entrenched part of the Ponsonby (Auckland) strip, The Lucky Taco transforms a quiet car-park into a bustling colourful street food fiesta.

In the past three years, the award winning taco truck has made more than 150,000 tacos for an eager and ever increasing taco-loving population including events, festivals and weddings. The demand became so great, Sarah and Otis re-mortgaged their house and converted their garage into a fully functioning commercial kitchen, fondly referred to as; The Lucky Taco HQ.


With hope of taco-world domination, by request of their customers 2014/2015 saw Sarah & Otis launch a range of authentic and fresh Mexican products – the very ingredients used in the ‘Lucky’ food truck. These include three hot sauces, chilli salt, exciting carrots, pink pickle and most recently via a crowdfunded kickstarter campaign two taco kits; Sizzlin’ Steak & Chipotle Chicken.

Now with a few accolades tucked under their taco belt, the duo aims for nationwide distribution in 2016.

Adelante y hacia arriba!

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