What salmon has to offer

You may be wondering why a number of our Bags contain fish dishes every week. This isn’t just because we’re big fans of fish (even though we are!), it’s also because of the essential oils these tasty little fillets contain. This week we’re spotlighting the particularly oily fish, salmon.

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Salmon packs a nutrient punch with every bite. Squeezed into every serving there’s protein, Omega-3, healthy mono-saturated fats, a range of B vitamins and vitamin D, just to list a few.

Wanna know something else? Within the abundance of vitamins and minerals found in this peachy superfood,  one of the most important is the health benefits seen from omega-3. So, a few fun facts about this incredible little nutrient:

- Salmon, being an oily fish, has one of the highest levels of dietary omega-3 per serve.

- This nutrient cannot be made by humans, only fish, which is why it’s important to include fish in your diet weekly.

- It has great anti-inflammatory benefits, particularly in heart and joint health.

- Omega-3 is an important building block for the nerve tissues, eye muscles and most importantly the brain.

Omega-3 plays a huge role in the growth and development of a healthy mind at all life stages. This is most valuable in young children, where omega-3 is vital for the growth of the brain and eyes.

It’s a great little brain-boosting protein to add to the dinner menu which is why you’ll be seeing more of it in your Family Bag. 

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