Everybody was Tofu-Fighting

Most people don’t know much about it, but they’re quick to leave it off their shopping list. You’ll find it in the chilled section at the supermarket, or even in your My Food Bag chilltainer from time to time. It’s that white, silky looking stuff that you might have a love-hate relationship with, or maybe you just love to hate it. But stop right there, we’re here to clear the air about tofu!

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Tofu has been around for longer than the latest food fad, over 2000 years longer to be exact, and with good reasons as to why. We’re about to tell you some tofu facts that may never have oc-curd to you!

• Originating from China when a cook accidentally curdled soybeans, tofu has been around as a staple in many peoples diets ever since!

• Tofu is a complete protein, which means it contains all of the 8 essential amino acids and packs a serious protein punch.

• If you’ve neglected your new soy based friend and you don’t have time to cook it before it expires, you can pop it in the freezer! Don’t be frightened though when you pull it out to defrost and it’s yellow and spongy. When frozen, tofu turns yellow and ice crystals form within. This can make it look more porous and at times resemble a sponge!

• Tofu often gets a bad rap for not being as flavoursome as its other protein companions, but that’s what makes it such a great addition to a meal! As tofu does not have a strong taste, it absorbs the flavours it is cooked in or with. So why not throw in some teriyaki sauce when pan-frying it, or marinade it in honey, soy, and ginger; tofu is your oyster!

• Once tofu has grown on you, or if you’re already a seasoned tofu fanatic, you could try using it in a dessert; puddings, cheesecakes, custards or even cookies!

So while at first, you might not find it as succulent as a steak, or as tasty as your tempeh, tofu has some note worthy nutritional benefits and is more versatile than those blenders you see on the infomercials!

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