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Tis’ the season when Kiwi’s young and old don their winter sports uniforms and hit the courts or the field. The weather might be questionable, but our Kiwi enthusiasm never falters. As the sponsors of Auckland Netball this season, we have some healthy hints on how to get your body ready for the game ahead, even if your mind is begging you to stay indoors!

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If you are at the Auckland Netball courts on a Saturday, you might see our My Food Bag netball team “Achey Lim’s” getting a few goals (or trying to!). Or if you’re hitting the courts with us, you could find yourself with fresh fruit in hand at half time from one of our fruit boxes!

So how can you beat the weather AND the opposing team to make sure you go home with a win? Pre and post-game nutrition is your secret weapon to ensure you have enough energy to see you right through. Before you hit the pavement or the field it’s best to eat low GI and nutrient rich foods. As a suggestion, you could have a brown rice salad with some veggies and nuts 3-4 hours before the game for a sustained energy release. Or, if you’re feeling peckish closer to show time, you could tuck into a bowl of Greek yoghurt with banana or berries.

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Why go low GI? They provide a slow and long lasting release of energy as your body breaks them down due the complex carbohydrates. Meaning you can utilise their nutrients at a gradual rate, keeping you moving for longer!

Once you’re on your way home with another victory under your belt it’s just as important of a time to make sure your body is getting the fuel it needs! You would have burnt a lot of calories and exhausted a tonne of energy defending the opposition or scoring the winning goal for your team, so now is the time to replace some of the complex carbs. Getting a fix of good mono-saturated fats and proteins will also aid your body in having the best recovery! So reach for some avocado or peanut butter on grainy toast, or whip up a berry smoothie. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of delicious H20 pre, during, and post-game!

See you on the court!

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