Curing Kawakawa

Here at My Food Bag, we be-leaf that some of the best nutrients can come from NZ's very own native plants! To celebrate Maori Language week, we’ve gone back to our roots and rediscovered the wonders of the Kawakawa Leaf.

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Kawakawa (a native NZ plant) is a frequently used ingredient in traditional forms of Maori remedial medicine. Kawakawa boasts a super high anti-inflammatory and alkaline content, with its analgesic qualities having the ability to reduce pain!

Our Maori ancestors knew a thing or two, so why not look into the Kawakawa plant and it's natural healing abilities. You can apply it externally in the form of poultice, and wait for your pain to reduce. But maybe you're a busy Kiwi and don't have time to whip up a mixture of Kawakawa to cure your ailments - never fear, because Aotea Tonics have a brew ready for you!

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When brewed, Kawakawa is traditionally used, among other purposes, to soothe the stomach and aid digestion – a great way to look after your puku this winter! The Kawakawa leaf can be brewed with a variety of additional components; peppermint and chamomile being two of many. Our friends at Aotea Tonics brew the leaves and herbs themselves with a twist of citrus and drizzle of honey, just like you’d make a tea at home!

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So if you've over-indulged on a cold winter night, you don't have to look any further than NZ's very own natural remedies to help your body digest your delicious dinner or desserts. Kawakawa leaves have your back!

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