Widening the array of produce my children consume

Enough of us talking; we want to share with you some recent feedback from one of our happy customers.

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We tried MFB for the first time last week. It was amazing!

The recipes were quick to make and just a bit different from what we had been currently having.

I love the fresh fish - I've been too scared to buy it and cook it before now as I never know what to get and really what to do with it.

And the fresh produce - phwoar! I got lazy cooking and shopping. I didn't buy veges I thought my kids wouldn't eat - as what would be the point. So to have all the vege delivered; things I would like to buy and eat but assuming my children (and husband) wouldn't - it's been amazing!

I did have one of those OMG moments the first night when I served up the fresh fish to my children with salad - lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and tomato. My 4 year old picked up a piece of tomato and asked what it was....and when I said 'tomato' she started raving about how much she loved it! The same happened with the 6 yr old and the cucumber.

I felt terrible that they would have eaten these veges but I'd just assumed all these years that they wouldn't.

So thank you thank you thank you for broadening our diet and widening the array of produce that my children consume!

Am loving the ease of it all and the variety of tasty meals we have been having.

Thanks so much!

Anna of Porirua

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