Going Back to Our Roots

This week we’ve gone back to our roots, with our Own Bag Foodies getting the chance to dig into some truly Kiwi kai. On the menu for Thursday night is Horopito Rubbed Beef with Waiporoporo Potatoes! Read on to find out more about these unique ingredients.

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Waiporoporo potatoes are Maori purple potatoes, with Waiporoporo literally meaning ‘purple’. The potatoes are grown in our very own Ohakune area, and are slow to mature, meaning they have extra flavour and also develop a waxy texture.

Why waiporoporo? They are buttery and rich in taste, and are perfect for roasting – which is how our Own Bag foodies will be enjoying this nice, nutritious, native root vegetable!

If you're feeling extra special about getting these purple beauties in your Food Bag, you're quite right to. Although there are numerous different types of native Maori potatoes, supply is limited. So you might only be lucky enough to stumble across the worthy Waiporoporo potato in specialty stores, or your My Food Bag delivery!

How does the hot Horopito harmonise with your spuds this week? Horopito is a native pepper tree, with leaves that will leaf a hot, peppery tasty in your mouth - so it is a great complement to the succulent beef and the buttery potatoes that it will be paired with. The Horopito tree calls many New Zealand forests its home, and lucky for us deer and other stock can’t handle the heat of the plant – leaving more for us!

So if you haven’t heard about Horopito or Waiporoporo potatoes before, now you’re in the know! And if you haven’t given them a try before, why not!

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