Feijoin the Frenzy

The season is upon us when that colleague starts to bring in bags of feijoas, daily. It’s the time of year your neighbor tells you to help yourself to the fruits of their feijoa tree. Or maybe you’re the one doing the small, delicious, green gift giving!

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If you aren’t lucky enough to know someone with a feijoa tree, fear not! This delightful green fruit is in abundance and will be making an appearance in your My Fruit Box this weekend!

We’re spoilt for choice in New Zealand when it comes to fresh, locally grown fruit, so we're putting the spotlight on pineapple guavas! Pineapple guavas, or as we know them as; feijoas, were found in Brazil in the 1800’s and sailed their delectable way over to the Land of Long White Cloud in the 1920’s.

New Zealand is actually one of the biggest growers of the feijoa. We have an ideal climate for our tasty friends to grow. They've grown their way into our hearts, tummies, and backyards!

Feijoas aren’t just a great snack to tuck into with a teaspoon, they are high in antioxidants, fibre, minerals, and vitamin C. So if you’re ever feeling a bit green, a feijoa or two could have you back on track to feeling joa-lly again!

You can use this fragrant fruit in cakes, desserts, jams, sauces, and even in wine or vodka! If you’ve baked your heart out using your feijoa stash and still find a real feijoa fare at your place, they are the fruit that keeps on giving; you can pop them in the freezer to save them for a rainy day (literally) when they aren’t in season anymore!

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