A Cajun Occasion

If you’re from Louisiana this may not be news to you…but there’s is more to ‘Cajun’ than meets the taste bud!

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Monday (or Tuesday) will be a mildly spiced oc-Cajun for our Own, Classic and Family foodies this week.

Cajun fish wraps will be served alongside kumara chips, fresh salsa and chipotle yoghurt for our My Own Bag foodies.

While our Classic Bag clan will accompany their wraps with beetroot and cabbage salad, avocado salsa and chipotle mayo.

And our Family foodies will spend Tuesday enjoying Cajun chicken tacos with kumara chips and salad slaw. A cajunlicious time for all!

Cajun cuisine is characterised by big flavours and a rustic cooking style. Spice blends are a staple in Cajun kitchens and consist of a blend of salt with a variety of spices, usually including cayenne pepper to pack a spicy punch. Traditionally Cajun spice rubs are made from scratch, often by taste. Thankfully our test kitchen has taken all the thinking (and some of the heat) out of Cajun spice for our foodies. Each bag has their very own Cajun spice mix to enjoy featuring classic Cajun flavours such as paprika and garlic.

Not just a spice rub, the word Cajun refers to a people, cuisine and culture. Cajuns are an ethnic group of French decent hailing from Southern Louisiana, USA. Cajun people have a reputation for ‘joie de vivre,’ French for ‘joy of living’ – this will come as no surprise for anyone who has attended a Mardi Gras celebration!

Have a ragin’ Cajun week foodies!

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