Introducing our friend, (Aspara)-Gus!

Our Classic and Veggie foodies will be having dinner with Gus next week, (Aspara)-Gus that is! Gus loves the warm spring weather, being rubbed with olive oil and especially enjoys sitting under the grill of the BBQ until he’s got a sun-kissed glow. He’s the tall, sharp veggie of the moment who’s only in town until December, so be sure to make the most of your dinner date with Gus as his time with us is short.

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Asparagus is best served when it’s straight, firm and green. Whether it’s grilled, braised, boiled or steamed, asparagus is an easy addition to any weeknight meal. Grown around New Zealand and ready for harvest from September until December, asparagus is a delicious and healthy vegetable whose has been worth the wait.

Dating back to ancient times, asparagus has been long hailed for its power-packed punch. Rich in vitamins and an excellent source of fibre, asparagus is a super Spring spear-shaped veg that will stab its way into this season’s dinners adding loads of taste and extra goodness.

Ancient Romans used to go to great lengths to enjoy this delectable delight, climbing up Alps to freeze asparagus for future fancy feasts. Our Classic and Veggie foodies will not need to venture to such heights for a taste of this seasonal vegetable though, as we’ve done the hard yards to deliver this goodness in our bags this weekend. Freshly picked and delivered straight to your door, no snow boots neccasary!

(Aspara)-Gus is a busy veg next week! Veggie foodies your dinner date is booked in with Gus on Wednesday, where you’ll be enjoying him with delicious pumpkin gnocchi. Later in the week, (Aspara)-Gus is shooting off to dine with our Classic foodies, where he’ll be sharing the plate with Friday night’s warm potato salad and tender lamb and veggie kebabs.

Now you know all about your special dinner guest next week, whom you’ll eat. Dinner won’t be a fuss, since you’ve gotten to know Gus!

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