Why Bang Bang?

Our Classic Foodies will be kicking this week off with a Bang…and a Bang! Bang Bang chicken hits the menu and it’s bound to be a serious crowd pleaser.

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Bang Bang Chicken is a popular Sichuan Chinese dish that is eaten all year round, as a salad in summer or with rice or noodles during the cooler months. Our recipe combines the two, a spring salad accompanied by jasmine rice.

You’re probably wondering – why ‘Bang Bang’?...

Chicken was a rarity in past-century Sichuan China. Due to the low productivity, chicken was a luxury and was therefore only served on holidays. The meat was tough and sparse yet had to feed plenty, and taste good too! In order to create tender, shredable pieces, the cooked chicken was pummeled with a mallet creating a loud ‘bang bang’ sound – the name arose, as simple as that!

As it turned out the technique not only made the chicken easier to divide between peers, but also allowed it to absorb the delicious juices from the sauce. Dry, tough meat became moist and flavorful!

It sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Don’t worry, a giant wooden stick isn’t on your staples list this week. The funny thing is, is that the ‘bang bang’ part of name is kind of a relic of the past. We don't live in 19th century Sichuan China, our chickens are healthier than ever, plumper and much more tender (especially the beautiful free-range chicken we use at My Food Bag!) such techniques are no longer needed to successfully shread and tenderise. Our take on the dish is super quick, on the table within 25 minutes or as quick as you can say ‘bang bang’. We hope you love it!

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