BBQ meets meat

The weather's warming up, it’s time to utilise your outdoor kitchen! Whilst it’s not quite summer, and you may need a warm jacket, we’re feeling optimistic. Brush off the dust and replace the gas bottle, its BBQ time! Whether it’s the flames, the smoke or simply the outdoors, we’re not quite sure why – BBQ’d meat just tastes so much better!

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If you’re not usually in the kitchen, this is your time to shine! Anyone can BBQ, it really is so simple. Much easier than pan or oven!  This most loved cooking method is optional for our Classic, Family, Gourmet and Own foodies this week. Our Classic and Family foodies are searing lamb, Gourmet foodies are grilling Pork and Own foodies will be charring Beef. Thursday night is a BBQ bonanza!

Firstly, and most importantly - make sure your BBQ is outside. Turn the gas bottle on and get the flames high! Now wait, and wait, and wait - you need to get the grill super-hot as you don’t want your meat sticking or even worse, stewing! Waiting for BBQ to heat up will allow you to sear the meat nicely without over cooking it.

While you wait, you can prepare. We know you do this almost every day, and when using the BBQ it’s no different  - make sure your meat is at room temperature and pat it dry.

When up to temperature, chuck your meat on the Barbie. To keep the meat moist and juicy, only turn one time!

Once cooked, allow the meat to rest. This gives time for the juices to redistribute themselves, and the finished product much tenderer. Did you know that you should rest meat for half the amount of time taken to cook it!?

When BBQing, a lot is at steak, by following these tips you can be sure that you won’t get grilled and that your first My Food Bag BBQ of the season will be off to an excellent start!

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