Turmeric, why you need it in your life

Our Classic foodies are enjoying a delicious Chicken Tikka this week which contains many health-boosting ingredients. One of these is the ancient Indian spice, turmeric.

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Not only does turmeric give a nice deep yellow colour to your meals (and sometimes your hands!), but more and more research is coming out on its health benefits and why we should include more of this in our diets. This powerful anti-inflammatory is used in natural medicine to prevent, treat and alleviate a number of conditions including many cancers, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, diabetes and diabetes neuropathy (nerve damage as a consequence of diabetes), cardiovascular disease and many other metabolic diseases.

Turmeric has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, both consequences of illness, injury, intense exercise, mental and physical stress to the body, poor diet, smoking, pollution, a lack of physical exercise and activity, to name a few!  It really is a very special, powerful (and delicious!) food to include in your diet.

Turmeric is found in many curry powders (as in next week’s chicken tikka), but you don’t have to be a curry lover to reap its benefits. Try roasting potato or kumara with some olive oil and a little sprinkle of turmeric, or add a little to steamed rice before cooking for a bright, health-boosting side dish! More of a sweet tooth? Try adding turmeric to your smoothies or juices!

Have a simple, healthy and delicious week foodies!

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