Gourmet Fruity Goodness

This week our buying team has searched far and wide to find some extra delicious fruity goodness for you to sink your teeth into. Have a read to learn about this week’s amazing Gourmet fruit.

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We introduce out Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga to the Prince Melon, a perfectly sized melon for an autumn picnic, not too big and not too small! Melons are related to the summer squash family which includes marrows and courgettes. Despite their high water content, melons have high levels of Vitamin C and moderate levels of potassium! It is currently Prince Melon season which is why you are seeing this in your fruit box! I hope you enjoy this green skinned, green fleshed, sweet and flavourful melon as much as I do.

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To our Christchurch customers we introduce the Kiwiberries. Kiwiberries are a bite sized nutritional powerhouse! They are incredibly nutrient rich and considered a super food! This means that they’re not only delicious but also good for you (that’s what we like to hear!) Unlike its big Kiwifruit cousin the surface of the tiny kiwiberry is smooth and hairless meaning they can be eaten as is where is, just like a berry!

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And our Wellington and Palmerston North customers get to meet the Dragon fruit, a beautiful species of… cactus, who knew! The white fleshed fruit is low in calories and offers numerous nutrients. Its outer layer is a magnificent burst of pink, it’s nice to look at but avoid this part when eating as it is very bitter! Dragon fruit is sweet and crunchy and tastes like a combination of kiwifruit and pear. There are lots of ways to eat dragon fruit. I like to cut them in half, run a spoon around the inside and scoop out the flesh! From here you can dice it up and serve in a bowl. If you’re feeling jazzy return the cubes to its skin to serve!

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