More gourmet fruity goodness

This week your glorious gourmet fruit box will contain a few very strange looking, yet delicious fruits! Each of our regions are in for a little surprise of their own. Enjoy foodies!

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We introduce to our Christchurch customers a horned melon of many names: the Kiwano, Jelly melon, Melano, Blowfish fruit or if you’re having a scientific taxonomically correct kind of day, Cucumis metuliferus. The Kiwano looks like something from outer space, with its green jelly centre and spikey orange-yellow outer casing. The Kiwano’s flavour is compared to that of a cucumber, kiwifruit and a banana! They’re great in fruit salads and make a beautiful garnish in exotic drinks. 

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To our Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga customers we introduce the Kiwiberries. Kiwiberries are a bite sized nutritional powerhouse! They are incredibly nutrient rich and considered a super food! This means that they’re not only delicious but also good for you (that’s what we like to hear!) Unlike its big Kiwifruit cousin the surface of the tiny kiwiberry is smooth and hairless meaning they can be eaten as is where is, just like a berry! 

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And our Wellington and Palmerston North customers will enjoy some delicious Flatto peaches. The Flatto Peach is grown in Otago. They are perfect for baking, sautéing in butter and brown sugar or eating with ice-cream but best of all eaten raw, fresh and juicy! Flatto's are not nearly as messy as other peaches, and have more flavour. Bite straight in or slice the Flatto around the stone, the peach will pull apart as you twist it.

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