Gourmet Fruity Goodness

My Gourmet Fruit has arrived and, my gosh, it looks amazing! Each week our buying team searches far and wide to source both old favourites as well as somewhat strange, new and delicious fruits.

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Next week’s Gourmet Fruit treasure chest holds a kaleidoscope of fruity goodness that may be new to you. Read on to be enlightened.

Canary Melon

Also known as a yellow melon, this large, brightly coloured, fruit contains pale ivory flesh and is very similar to the more familiar, honey dew melon. Its aromatics linger, leaving you with hints of banana and pineapple and a slightly musky finish. It’s fancy as can be. Much like its name, you’ll be singing its praises. 

Black Boy Peach

The Black Boy Peach looks mouldy; let’s just get that out of the way now. Do not be turned off, you will not be disappointed. The Black boy peach is not a hybrid of peach and plum, as you may think. Rather it’s a natural mutation of a white-fleshed peach instead having deep red flesh. This delicious rarity is super juicy and combines the flavours of plum, peach and merlot. One more fact - New Zealand is currently the world capital of the fruit. Who knew!

SweeTango Apple

As the name suggests, this apple is sweet with a light crisp finish. Originally developed by the University of Minnesota and now grown by Kiwis. Sweetango apples hold the perfect flavour and crunch – enough said. What more could you ask from an apple!

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