What you need to know about karengo seaweed

In season and from the sea, the purple –black seaweed, Karengo, is being used in the week’s Gourmet Bag! Its purplish colour is characteristic of the Pacific, the Atlantic varieties are green. Karengo is indigenous to New Zealand and comes to maturity during the chilly winter months meaning it is in season now!

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Karengo is the epitome of nude food. Just the sea; the sun and the wind are needed to get it ready for consumption! It is sustainably hand harvested from the rocky shores of the South Island. It is then; rinsed in fresh, clean sea water to free it of debris and tiny inhabitants. The wind and sun are then used to naturally dry. It is cleaned one more time, by hand before packing. Karengo preserves itself naturally, nothing is added, simple!


Karengo is so, super healthy. In general, seaweed is high in Vitamins A, C and B12. It is rich in Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iodine.  It is also high in Fibre, Protein and Omega 3’s!
Did you know that New Zealand has an iodine deficiency?
The reason for the deficiency is the low levels of iodine in our soil. Our vegetables grow in this soil, meaning not a lot of iodine can be absorbed! Seaweed is high in iodine; it absorbs this from the ocean water that it lives in, so is an important food for us kiwis who are iodine deficient. “Why do we need Iodine?” I hear you ask! We need Iodine for the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones stimulate your metabolism and therefore help with burning fat.


Karengo works as an excellent substitute for salt and can be sprinkled a top of many a dish, soups salads or even pizza! On Monday night, our gourmet foodies will be creating a Karengo crusted fish! It gives the dish colour, and adds taste too, bonus! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Still not convinced?

I imagine all of you carnivores out there are still not quite convinced that seaweed is as good preached. Well, researchers in the US have recently discovered a strain of seaweed that apparently tastes just like bacon when it's fried, and has twice the nutritional value of kale! Yes, you heard that right. The next superfood will be bacon-flavoured. Are you in now?

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