The Moreish Story

The year was 2009 and Barb and Lloyd Fitzsimons were busy rearing happy, free and frolicking chickens. Ever keen to supply their contented chooks to a local store, they hit a stumbling block when it came to finding a supplier that matched their firmly held beliefs in ethical farming. And so Barb and Lloyd’s store in Palmerston North was born. Similar to their parents’ ethos when they were growing up to “run outside and play”, Barb and Lloyd believed what was good for the goose, was good for the gander. Their animals were farmed freely, outside, allowed to run and play like the happy creatures they are.

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Recognising that chickens couldn’t steal all the limelight, the Fitzsimons family decided to create a boutique butchery selling only free range and organic meats. The search was on for kindred animal spirits – family farms that could provide the boutique butchery with quality free range pork, beef and lamb.

With Barb and Lloyd flat tack on the farm, a lively addition soon became part of the team. Barb and Lloyd’s daughter Nicola (above) joined them to help create the brand, develop the store and oversee the everyday management of the business.

Last but not least – the name! The Fitzsimons’ family love of food led to a desire to find a name that embodied just how good their boutique butchery offerings were – food so good, you want to eat more of it – like moreish!

And the Moreish boutique butchery was created…

(Moreish: Oxford Dictionary Definition: “So pleasant to eat that one wants more.”)

They believe the food you feed your family should be naked and natural. You should know what has gone into your food. If you buy meat, it should be just that – meat. Not that indecipherable stuff pumped full of additives or antibiotics. It’s no good for the animals – and it’s no good for us either.

They opened the Moreish doors in October 2009 and enjoyed a hugely successful first year, winning a number of New Business awards. They didn’t want to stop there, they wanted to bring what their loyal local customers had come to know and love, to other free range meat loving Kiwis across Aotearoa. With this in mind, they decided to create an online store – and they haven’t looked back.

The Moreish gate to plate concept ensures that they have full traceability of all of their product – from the moment it leaves the farm through the butchery process until it arrives at your door. Their farmers are a loveable lot – Moreish love them, the farmers love their animals, and you’ll love their meat!

Moreish is committed to providing the best possible service and quality and is proud to be part of the My Food Bag family of suppliers.

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