BANGERRITOS Banger meets Burrito

Hola Amigos! This week our Family foodies will be wrapping their snappers around a tortilla containing a filling which may be considered a little unorthodox. Don’t be afraid, I promise this meal will leave you screaming “Muchos Gracias Mi Comida Bolsa!!”* from the roof tops. I introduce to you, the amazing, delicious, absolutely incredible BANGERRITO!

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While most sausages are completely minced and have one consistency, the absolute geniuses from Bangerritos have gone against tradition and thrown in a whole lot of other Mexican goodness. This natural hog casing is packed with free range pork, whole black beans, shredded red cabbage, diced red onion and other burrito goodness! This means you get the texture, crunch and taste of a burrito in one sausage. Excited yet? Well hold onto your sombreros, because there’s more…

To add to the craziness this unique snarler will be lovingly wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla. Gone are the days of white bread and plain old sausages. Seriously, this Kiwi classic has competition.

Trust me; your taste buds will be begging for more, you won’t be able to stop thinking about this incredible combination of Mexican deliciousness!

Vege, chicken and beef Bangerritos are currently being created too so you’ll be able to try them all and find your fave. Bonus: There are no artificial flavours, preservative or gluten.


*“Thank you My Food Bag!”

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