Frank's Sausages Premium free-range sausages

This week I’m excited to have provided our Classic Bag Foodies with delicious smoked paprika pork sausages from ‘Frank’s’. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do – served with Ajvar, a delightful Serbian capsicum relish, and Lebanese pita breads.

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Frank Nagel’s journey into the world of gourmet sausages began quite unexpectedly. Upon arriving in New Zealand for the first time with his wife Sheryn, he was greeted with a “Welcome to New Zealand BBQ”. While the gesture was, of course, appreciated, Frank was shocked at the quality of a classic ‘Kiwi Sausage’ served to him by his mother in law. He began to fear that if he wouldn’t find the quality of sausage he had grown accustomed to in his home town of Hamburg – it was looking like relocation back to Germany was on the cards.

Fortunately for all the sausage lovers of New Zealand, another solution presented itself. Frank decided to begin making sausages himself, and this quickly turned from a hobby into a passion. The home laundry room quickly found itself converted to the home-made sausage room.

It soon became apparent that there was demand for quality sausages in New Zealand. Not sausages made with floor scrapings and filler, but with a dedication to craft, and quality ingredients. This lead to Frank taking over of the old Swiss Sausage factory in Te Aroha West, which has been around for over 40 years and whose original owner Werner Fassler (now in his 80s) still lives next door.

A few lucky members of the My Food Team were able to travel to Te Aroha for the day to see the sausage making process and to sample some of these delicious morsels. The team was introduced to Robert Waitz, a German Master Butcher, who is staying in New Zealand for a year. Robert hails from Thueringen, Germany – and we were lucky enough to try his hometown specialty, the Thueringen Bratwurst, which he made especially for us. A Master Butcher spends many years studying and training to reach this level and this with at least 3 years of formal study followed by work experience and then further advanced study in the craft.

At Frank’s Sausages we were able to see what sets his sausages apart from the rest. All products are made from only premium cuts of SPCA certified free-range meats (chicken breast or pork shoulder). There are no fillers, binders, preservatives, flavouring or colouring added. Frank believes you only put ingredients into your sausages that you would be pleased to see and recognise on your plate, right down to the $40 bottle of port that went into our sausages that day!

Frank’s are very proud to be a part of My Food Bag supplier Family

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