Paneton, our French bakery

We’re excited to provide award winning, and simply delicious, bakery ingredients from Paneton French Bakery. Their passionate team are continually developing new and exciting products for us to supply our lovely foodies with. I love working with their products, whether it be topping a pie with their flaky puff pastry or serving a comforting soup with a delicious crusty bread roll on the side.

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The family behind Paneton are immersed in traditional French baking. It's a story of love, French baking and the love of French baking!

Dominique Colombie learned the art of making pastry from his father, who’s Patisserie, Colombie, was an institution in the village of Montesquieu-Volvestre in South-west France.

When he met Celia Elder in Paris (the woman who would later become his wife) he was thrilled that she too shared his love of fine French cuisine. Together they dreamed of one day establishing a business in New Zealand, inspired by their passion for French baking.

Bringing French baking to New Zealand

When the couple came to NZ in 1986 they set up La Tarterie in Newmarket, Auckland. This shop specialised in savoury quiches and sweet tarts. Their hard work paid off, and with total customer focus and quality baking, their little cafe became so popular there was often a queue out the door! Their quiches and croissants became famous.

A new generation

Today, Paneton enjoys success as NZ's leading French Bakery combining traditional French baking with the best New Zealand ingredients.

They have built on their range of traditional French bread and patisseries by now offering ready-to-rise pastries and ready-to-bake breads.

Over the years, staff and premises may have changed, but the core of Dominique and Celia's bakery business hasn’t. They still make the same quiches and tarts as well as baguettes and croissants. Many of the customers from that original shop are still friends and customers today. Toddlers whose parents were regulars in the early days now come to Paneton with children of their own. Along the way, traditional French baking has been influenced by the quality of fresh New Zealand products, creating the unique character that ensures Paneton's lasting appeal.

At Paneton, Dominique is always looking to the future, to improve systems and technology in baking but managing to keep the business simple and concentrating on core products using the best ingredients and simple recipes that taste great.

Paneton is very proud to be part of the My Food Bag supplier family.

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