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Enough of us talking; we thought we’d share with you some recent feedback from one of our customers. Thanks for sharing this with us Kendra.

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Hi My Food Bag

I just thought I'd give you some feedback. I've just started MFB with the Gourmet Bag. Had two bags a fortnight apart. Amazing service and quality of produce.

First week was macaroon crusted fish, yum, thai chicken, yum+, the brown rice you supplied was out of this world, drunken pork, I ate this and loved it even though I never eat pork by choice, I'd have this again. The venison meat supplied was divine. This was the highlight of the week. I was the only person who likes venison so I ate it all myself. Double yum. The spice mix was great, the veges went really well with it. even the kale, I enjoyed the flavour, just not the texture, although I will confess that I'd substitute something else if I did it again or I'd do way less!! Having said that, I would have all of my first weeks dishes again any time just as they were. The butternut pumpkin provided in the bag was superb.

Second week was Ponzu, ginger veges & salmon. The salmon was divine. Again, I ate it all myself no-one else likes salmon. Double yum. I did have to cook the salmon longer than the recipe said for it to not be half raw, I tried if after the stated time but had to add more cooking time. Excellent recipe. For the Laab Gai and the Beef, Onion & Mushroom Pizza, the flavours were nice. The Cumin crusted lamb salad was excellent. Would have that again. BY now I've worked out that I must be slower at chopping than the recipe creator so I chop and prepare things before I start cooking to avoid anything overcooking while I'm preparing the next additions to the pan or pot.

All in all, I am impressed with MFB and I'm eating dishes I wouldn't normally choose to make and even if it turns out to be not a favourite, I'm enjoying trying them all and am very impressed with the quality of produce.


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