Our Canter Valley Poultry

To celebrate Thanksgiving we’re treating our Classic and Family with turkey burger recipes using meat from our friends down South at Canter Valley. Turkey mince, which we’re providing you with, makes a great burger patty as it is high in protein and full of flavour.

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Canter Valley is a producer and supplier of quality gourmet poultry products to restaurant, food service and retail markets here in New Zealand.

Located near Sefton in beautiful North Canterbury, Canter Valley began way back in 1987. We love that they’re an environmentally conscious family owned business whose paramount concern is around animal welfare. They focus on the best quality product throughout development and production.

Canter Valley is an approved poultry processor. They control the process of their turkeys, ducks and quail from breeding, growing, processing, marketing, right through to distribution to customers nationwide.

Selected contract growers are engaged in the North Canterbury region to rear and grow birds prior to processing.

Canter Valley is committed to providing the best possible service and quality and is proud to be part of the My Food Bag family of suppliers.

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