Inspiration from My Food Bag

Enough of us talking; we thought we’d share with you some recent feedback from one of our customers. Thanks for sharing this with us Tanya.

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All I can say is Ohhhh maaaa gaaawd! I’m uber surprised and inspired by My Food Bag.

I was spending on average $500 - $550 week on groceries and my hubby asked to look at my spending with another wee one on the way. He was very sceptical about you guys as he has worked in the food service industry for 25 odd years here in NZ and overseas.

I had never heard of you before, but my new mothers’ online group were raving about it, so I thought I’d give it go. And how right they were, and can I say my husband is gobsmacked as well.

I myself am very tired with this pregnancy and do love not having to plan what we are eating every night and not having to go to the supermarket like almost every day, and my 6 year old is asking every night what he’s having for dinner now and eats it all!!!

So I have a big thank you going out to you all, I have had a wonderful first week of using My Food Bag.

I’ve never bothered with a compliment email before but you totally deserve it.

With warmest regards


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