Our Customer Story

Enough of us talking; we thought we’d share with you some recent feedback from one of our customers. Thanks for sharing this with us Sianne.

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"My family has always struggled with mealtimes. I have type one diabetes which means eating healthy and knowing the carb counts of meals is super important.

My Food Bag is amazing as all the hard work is done for me with having carb counts on all the recipes. My daughter has a dairy allergy and most of the meals are either dairy free or easily adjustable and you guys have helped me with loads of suggestions. I'm also a super fussy eater with no idea how to cook and with the help of My Food Bag I have tried and enjoyed so many different foods such as eggplant that I now feel empowered to cook.

My blood glucose levels are way better and we have cut down on all the takeaways. The wallet is healthier too. My whole family is healthier and happier and my two year old is experiencing a range of foods that are good for her and taste good too. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work." Sianne, Family Bag Foodie

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