Our Harmony Cutting Demonstration

Our lucky chefs, including myself, were at an exclusive cutting class run by the friendly team from Harmony and Neat Meat in Ponsonby Central recently.

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Our demonstrator and talented butcher, Dave, shockingly took a whole male pig and cut him into the cuts we all know and love. He expertly showed us where certain cuts, like sirloin, fillet, and rump, come from on the animal, and told us about interesting ways he’s been preparing some of these cuts lately. This included cooking meat by the sous vide technique, a process in which the food (meat in this case) is sealed in airtight bags and cooked ultra slow in a temperature controlled (usually 55degC–60degC) water bath for about 72 hours – we thought this might be a little too long cook time for you My Food Bag foodies though! 

Dave (along with myself!) was also avid about the importance of having sharp knives at home – this will help cut down on prep time and stress when it comes time to cook. You might be anxious about having sharper knives, but believe me, they’re actually safer as less pressure needs to be applied when cutting and you’ll be able to get a better result – like really finely dicing an onion or thinly slicing cooked meat (especially important for next week’s steak tacos in Classic Bag!). 

The team also informed us further about pig farm practices here in New Zealand, and we’ll soon be lucky enough to have the largest free-range farm in the southern hemisphere. This means continuing better welfare for the pigs, without comprising on quality – we’re all about happy animals here at My Food Bag and making sure our farm to table practices are up to scratch. 

We love nutting out different ways to help you get dinner on the table quicker. One good trick, especially coming into winter and desiring more hearty meals, is cutting certain cuts of meat smaller to decrease the amount of cook time, like for a casserole or curry – you could cut the cook time in half with this simple trick! We’ve got lots more tips up our sleeves now to incorporate into your My Food Bag meals to help you cut down on prep and cook time, while still having a healthy and delicious dinner meals. 

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