Our Smokey Seafood Supplier

This week we're excited to be providing Family Bag foodies with beautiful smoked kahawai from ‘Smokey Seafood’ to create delicious Smoked Fish and Pumpkin Cakes. I’m a real fan of their smoked seafood – I love its rich flavour and delicate texture!

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Rob and Jodie Renyard are traditional NZ artisan food suppliers, with a combined 30 years of food industry experience. They are hugely passionate about creating the finest smoked fish – and we are so proud to include their spoils in My Food Bag! 

Their fish is hot smoked the traditional way, with a time-proven (secret!) recipe in the beautiful Katikati. Whilst they’re secretive about their recipes, we do know that they use natural manuka bark chips and they don’t use any preservatives or additives. Everything is done by hand, from the preparation and smoking to the packing and even vacuum sealing of every package – ensuring all aspects are perfect and the each piece is delicious.

I love that all their fish is locally sourced from the Bay of Plenty. Rob and Jodie are up bright and early every morning to check which fish species the local boats are catching, and from that they only select the freshest. The Renyards are flexible in their approach, because they only pick what’s best, they have delicious recipes for a range of fish including snapper, kahawai, trevally, gemfish, salmon, roe and mussels.

I’m delighted to include Smokey in this week’s Family Food Bag featured in our Smoked Fish and Pumpkin Cakes. Enjoy!

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