Haloumi, Spinach and Lentil Bunny Chow

Attention Gourmet Food Bag foodies! This week your tastes buds are taking you to Durban, South Africa! Get ready to embark on a journey to the centre of the loaf. But, before you read on let’s clear one thing up! Bunny Chow is not rabbit food nor is it made from bunnies. So… what is it?

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Bunny Chow is a popular Durban street food introduced by the Indian community. Referred to most commonly as a ‘Bunny’, the meal is made by hollowing out a loaf of bread and filling with either a meat or vegetarian curry. The loaf is crusty enough to hold the saucy filling. Gravy from the curry soaks into the walls of the bread creating an interesting array of textures and flavours! Traditionally the insides of the bread were placed on top to act as a lid, keeping the contents warm whilst also providing the bunny owner with a scoop like utensil! A dish with absolutely no waste – now that’s what we call sustainable!

It is believed the loaf was originally used as a delicious substitute for a bowl whilst also enabling a warm curry to be transported to work. Cutlery was not needed. As you can imagine, eating this dish gracefully, without creating a mess can take a bit of practise! Luckily, there’s more than one way to eat a bunny.

Here a short step-by-step guide on how to:

Step 1. Using your fingers, start with the lid and dip into curry.

Step 2. Next, make your way down and round the edges of the bread, tearing piece by piece and dipping as you go!

If you’re feeling adventurous give the traditional technique a go, however if it all becomes too much we won’t judge if you resort to knife and fork.

Chow down foodies!

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