What is small, red, and incredibly delicious?

This week our Gourmet foodies will be introduced to a very special legume known as the Adzuki bean! While not commonly used in New Zealand, this tasty morsel is a popular element in Asian cuisine and is used in a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes.

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On Tuesday, you will find yourself making a delicious Adzuki Bean Salad to accompany Roast Chicken and Chorizo! This small, slightly sweet, nutty addition will make a wonderful accompaniment and give the dish a pop of colour!

I just love introducing ingredients that you may not have used before! Trying new things can be daunting but I’m sure you’ll love this wonderful, little, red bean. The Adzuki bean belongs to the extremely large legume family which encompasses some 13,000 varieties of beans, peas and lentils! You’re probably familiar with a few of its cousins, the kidney bean, the snow pea and tofu!

The rustic red colour of the bean was thought to have special powers which protected the body. We now know that they are an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre with low fat. On top of this, all of you gluten free Food Bag foodies will be able to enjoy them too! 

If you’re wanting to pick them fresh you’ll have to go a long way! Adzuki beans could originally only be found growing in the Himalayas and throughout South East Asia. The beans would be dried and later soaked for over 8 hours! We love the convenience and quality of Ceres organics canned Adzuki beans which are actually grown in Italy. They are ready to use, no soaking needed.

We look forward to sharing the Adzuki bean goodness with you.


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