Pasta Mia – a Journey of 20 years

This week we're excited to provide Gourmet Bag foodies with beautiful pumpkin spaghetti from “Pasta Mia” to create delicious Pumpkin Spaghetti with Wine Barrel Smoked Mushrooms, Balsamic Shallots, Chèvre and Spinach. I’m a real fan of their authentic pasta products – I love their delicious flavour and beautiful texture!

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After moving from Italy to Lake Taupo in 1992, Angelo and Michelle found themselves missing the fine Italian food of their home country. They decided to change this by setting up a small boutique kitchen in Taupo – and “Pasta Mia” (My Pasta) was born.

They had to research the essentials; sourcing high-quality durum wheat semolina and exploring shelf-lives and packaging options that would allow them to avoid preservatives and pasteurisation. Next, they ordered specialised equipment from Italy including a ravioli press, durum wheat mixers and variety of bronze dyes for extruding the different types of pasta.

After this came the challenge of finding a supply of authentic ingredients for the filled pasta. Despite limited availability, they were able to work alongside some of the best chefs in New Zealand to source ingredients from the ever-improving range of artisan and fresh produce to create beautiful flavour combinations.

Their first batches of fresh pasta were supplied to Taupo restaurants and cafés. The great feedback they received was encouraging recognition of quality and uniqueness of their product.

In 1997 Angelo and Michelle opened a “Pasta Mia” café in Taupo. People loved traditional fresh pasta, served with authentic Italian sauces made daily.

In the coming years, Angelo and Michelle decided to focus on production and distribution of popular “Pasta Mia” products. The ‘Deli Era’ was booming throughout the country which allowed them to introduce artisan pasta directly to the public through in-store tastings and demonstrations. These were received with great enthusiasm leading to more sales and a need to find bigger premises for their Taupo plant.

In the summer of 2008/9 “Pasta Mia” began making regular appearances at country and farmers markets around New Zealand. The public loved sampling authentic Italian meals or buying fresh pasta and sauces for sharing at home.

Being ambassadors of Italian artisan pasta has allowed “Pasta Mia” to build relationships with food lovers everywhere, and great friendships within Italian communities throughout New Zealand.

“Pasta Mia” is very proud to be part of the My Food Bag supplier family.

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