Tips for food photography at home

We know you all love to share pictures of your My Food Bag creations; whether it be showing us your good work, or impressing others with your culinary skills. We've had countless requests to share tips and tricks to help you snap like a professional. Here are our top 5 pointers:

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  1. Use natural light, and lots of it 
    Admittedly, this does become harder in winter, but get as much natural light in the picture as possible. If you’re working with a device that has an automatic flash, turn it off (to prevent overexposing your photo, making colours too harsh). Move your dish toward a window to get enough light in your photograph.  

  2. Think about the entire frame, not just the plate 
    Be creative and experiment with props and show the scene in which the food is being enjoyed. Is it a romantic gourmet dinner for two? Or is it Friday night pizza night with the family?

  3. Experiment with angles 
    We all know what a plate of food looks like when it's set in front of us. But how does it look if we're standing directly over it, or if we're looking at it straight on from the edge of the table? Play around with angles and try something different! 

  4. Garnish, drizzle and take a bite!
    Sprinkle your curry with some fresh herbs, add a drizzle of olive oil to your salad or take a bite of that steak to make it look like it’s in the process of being eaten. 

  5. Be quick 
    Time is of the essence. Food doesn’t look appetizing for long so you’ll need to be prepared and able to shoot quickly after it’s been cooked before it collapses, wilts or changes colour. 

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