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In Season – Mandarin & Macadamia Crumbed Fish with Braised Fennel, Candied Yams & Beets

For this recipe, you'll use 4 mandarins. Zest all of them, juice 2 and segment the remaining 2 onto the oven tray with beets and yams. Delish!

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In Season Tomatoes

Diced into salsa, sliced into sammies, cooked into sauce or squeezed into juice. Tomatoes are without a doubt one seriously versatile fruit. That’s right – a fruit! We've got some delicious bonus recipes to utilise tomatoes while they're at their peak and tasting the best!

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Asparagus – the epitome of spring! Fresh, green, crispy and crunchy. The asparagus season is a short one, being only available in New Zealand from September – December. Make the most of the asparagus season and get the BBQ fired up for some of our simple and delicious recipes this month!

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