Own Your Mornings: Q & A with Catherine Bell, Our In-House Dietitian

As My Food Bag’s in house dietitian and a member of our 6 Week Restart Wellness Panel, we caught up with Catherine and asked her a few questions on what she’s loving at the moment and how she owns her mornings!

Are you a morning person? How do you own your mornings?

I think I sit somewhere in the middle – I feel my best in the morning, but getting up (especially when the weathers colder!) isn’t always easy! One thing I do to own my morning is an intentional and delicious breakfast. In the summer – I use smoothies as a way to get in my 5 plus a day. I’ve been known to add frozen cauliflower, beetroot, carrot or almost any vegetable imaginable – part of being a Dietitian I guess!

What are you loving at the moment?

Audiobooks! I’ve recently discovered you can download them from the library for free – they make getting out for a walk so easy and I’m ticking so many books off my ‘to read’ list. 

What are you eating at the moment?

I always try to find ways to incorporate oats into my diet for the heart and gut benefits, so, I’ve been loving having porridge for breakfast again now that the weather is cooling.

How do you practise mindfulness?

To me, mindfulness is eating with intention. I’ve spent the last few months being aware of how many veggies I’m getting a day and aiming for at least 5. It makes me have to fit veggies into every meal and snack – the difference in my energy levels is pretty stark!

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