Get To Know Jackie Ashley: Sender of Scent And Founder of Ashley & Co.

We sat down with Jackie Ashley, the founder of Kiwi scent company Ashley & Co., to talk all things scent & wellness, her fave winter recipes, and of course, the Limited Edition Kitchen Candle that our foodies receive on Week 6 of the Fresh Start 6 Week Restart programme!

As a master and creator of gorgeous scents, have you always been interested in scent? How did Ashley & Co. begin and where do you get most of your inspiration?
Scent-filled moments from my past have a significant place in my memory bank. For Ashley & Co. its foundations were about melding together my love of scent and interiors and creating beautiful, functional product for the home. When we launched, we’d just moved into our first home and I drew inspiration from that environment, but also past travels and products that I’d experienced and loved.

We’re so excited to be partnering with Ashley & Co. again and to be launching the Limited Edition Kitchen Candle to our Fresh Start Restart foodies! Can you tell us a little bit about the Kitchen Candle, its scent and how the idea came to life?
The Lotus Leaf & Lustre fragrance is used in our kitchen products Insink and Benchpress. It’s one of my favourite scents and a real crowd pleaser – no matter who is on washing up!

This Kitchen Edition Waxed Perfume uses Lotus Leaf & Lustre with the addition of Yuzu citrus. This Yuzu addition makes cutting through cooking smells a breeze, and it mingles beautifully with the deep, caramel undertones of the traditional Lotus Leaf & Lustre fragrance.

This Limited Edition Kitchen Candle is the 6 Week reward on our Fresh Start Restart programme

Do you have an all-time favourite scent or product you’ve created?
I always have a Tint Me Lip Punch and Better Balm with me – in my bag or in the car. I often find extras tucked away in a jacket pockets or drawers too! Both smell good enough to eat and contain super nourishing properties: extracts and oils to rehydrate. And, in the case of Red Radish Tint Me, a subtle lippy hue too.

What is your mentality on health and wellness? How does that flow into your eating?
I try and make time for self-care. For me, exercise is an important part of my life that has a huge impact on my overall wellbeing. This flows naturally into food and eating in a balanced way that’s both enjoyable as well as being good for my body and soul. 

We know you’re a bit of a foodie, so would love to know what your ultimate dinner party menu would be? 
I absolutely love cooking dishes that people don’t usually cook at home, partnered with a few easy throw together, complimentary sides. Slow- cooked pork belly with crispy crackle is my go-to for a crowd. Pork belly is not usually something that most would cook on a regular weeknight, and I know after dealing with it, it’s better to be served the dish rather than make it! But still, I return to this satisfying recipe for entertaining success!

What is your favourite Winter Warmer recipe? 
Beef Rendang from scratch –  also a great crowd pleaser. Tender, fragrant and very satisfying.

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