Your Wellness Journey: Restart 2022 With The Wellness Panel

Wellness means something different to everyone and naturally, everyone’s journey will be different. It’s important to realise there’s certainly no right or wrong!

When we think about wellness and what it means to us, we believe it’s more than the way you look or the numbers on a scale. It’s all about moving towards a higher level of health and wellbeing. And often, that’s either a lifestyle change for long term vitality, to reach a goal weight, or a combination of both. In saying that,

At Fresh Start and through our 6 Week Restart Programme, we take a holistic approach to wellness; one that balances all pillars of health. It’s nutrition, sleep, mental health, social health and exercise in symbiosis.

It’s been a bumpy start to 2022, so our goal is to get you back on track (whatever your goals may be!), to lay a solid foundation and keep you moving forwards. Your wellness journey is your own, and our Fresh Start Restart is here to support you through that, whatever this may look like for you.

Our dietitian and Wellness Panel expert Catherine Cucumber Bell gives her top pieces of advice: 

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. The most empowering thing we can do on our wellness journey, is to find our ‘why’ and take control of our health – however that looks. It’s not always easy, and modern nutrition messaging and diet culture can make us compare ourselves to others, feel overwhelmed, and as though ‘only perfect is good enough’. 
  • Set goals! But remember, everybody is unique, and health and wellness looks different on everyone. Feeling better than you did yesterday is a great place to start, but of course ups and downs are inherent in any health journey and accepting that is a crucial part of enjoying the process! 
  • The Wellness panel is here to help, with any support you need, personalised advice, and an understanding that balance is the key to long term success.”

We asked our Wellness Panel what Wellness means to them.

Amber Thorensen, Fresh Start Recipe Developer

Wellness for me is more than just feeling good. It’s about doing what I love every damn day, and for me that’s cooking and eating! When my tummy is happy and filled with nourishing foods, my mind is too. If I can share this with family and friends – even better!

Catherine Cucumber Bell, Dietitian

I always promote choosing to eat well because you deserve to feel good, not to punish yourself or to fit a certain aesthetic. So to me, the pinnacle of wellness is eating a diet you truly enjoy that has harmony between being nourishing, delicious and sustainable. When I have these three in balance, that’s when I feel my most ‘well’

Samantha Charlton, Nutritionist & Recipe Developer

Know your ‘big rocks’! For me, wellness is when both my body & mind feel nourished and supported, and your big rocks are those daily habits or activities that help you thrive. For me, my big rocks are sleep, movement and food (nourishing, fuelling, and delicious!!) I also value quality time with family and friends alongside moments in the day I set aside for just myself.

Kobi Bracken, Fitness Ambassador

Wellness for me means balance. Finding ways to attend to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self each day. I love what I do, creating for others and myself. It could also be as simple as being by the ocean, seeing friends, getting sweaty in a workout, eating take out or spending quality time with people I care about. 

We’d love to hear about your wellness journey and what it means to you. You can join the Restart here and enjoy delicious, nourishing food as well as advice from our Wellness Panel.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Wellness for me really is about health. Having been diagnosed with Lymphona (blood cancer) I am determined to take an active role in healing my body and maintaining a positive mindset. Fresh Start incorporates all the concepts of nutrition, exercise and mental wellness that I value

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