Own Your Mornings With Kobi Bracken

As a member of our 6 Week Restart Wellness Panel and Fitness Ambassador, we’ve asked Kobi a few questions on what she’s loving at the moment and how she owns her mornings!

How do you own your mornings?

I LOVE the morning! The best part of the day (in my eyes) is first thing in the morning – why? I personally have the most energy and because I am in control of how I want my day to be. I try my very hardest to stick to a routine that makes me feel good. It consists of me waking up at 6am and giving my mind the time first, meditation and journaling, planning my day ahead and then heading out for a walk. I then get my movement in, either at a yoga class or one of my at home or at the gym workouts. It is then work time, I write a hit list for the day and get stuck in either from home or at a cafe. I have always dreamt of creating for others and making others feel their very best!!

What are you loving at the moment?

I am really loving my sunrise walks on Takapuna beach. There is something special about watching the sun rise and the waves crashing all at once. It sets me up for the day ahead! I am also loving the cafe chill out playlist on Spotify!

What are you eating at the moment?

I truly believe in a well balanced diet. During the week I do my best to choose foods that are going to keep my energy high and my tummy full. I adore my first sip of coffee in the mornings and generally grab scrambled eggs with avocado around midday as my first meal or on the go overnight oats that I prepped the night before. Dinner has been made easy with My Food Bag, always switching up my usual way of cooking. I truly love food so much, it brings me joy and is a main talking point amongst my friends. Over the weekend I sometimes indulge in an almond croissant with my coffee. Life is all about balance!!

How do you practice mindfulness?

This is something I am constantly practicing and have been for a few years. I love yoga and practice 1 – 2 times per week. I recently have been meditating in the mornings too and I really couldn’t recommend it more, especially for those who have busy schedules. I start my morning with 5-10 minutes of meditation from the ‘Breethe’ app (on my phone) and then 5 minutes of journaling. Obviously some days are busier than others so if I can’t get my morning meditation in I try my best to end my day with it instead. Remembering that mindfulness is a constant practice and not to be too hard on ourselves is the most important step.

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