Tips To Cook The Perfect Eye Fillet

Gourmet Beef Eye Fillet with Truffle Butter & Hand Cut Chips

Make sure to nail the art of cooking the perfect steak with these tips from our Development Kitchen Chefs.

Eye Fillet is a premium, delicious and flavoursome cut of steak. It’s also lean and not very fatty – which makes it even more important to cook well. So to ensure your end result is a tender, perfectly cooked-to-your-liking steak, with a dark golden crust (where the flavour comes from!), follow these hot tips and you’re sure to nail it.

Tip 1
Make sure the steak is room temperature. This will ensure it cooks evenly!

Tip 2
Season steak well with salt & pepper.

Tip 3
Get the pan nice and hot (think smoking hot!), then add oil. Using a heavy pan to cook steak is ideal if you have one!

Tip 4
Once you have placed the steak into the pan, give it a quick swirl around in the oil, then do not move it for the first 2-3 minutes of cooking. Flip the steak once only, and cook to your liking (see timings below to achieve the end result you’re after!)

Tip 5
After removing the steak from the pan, rest it for 5 minutes to lock in all those juices.

Tip 6
Time to slice! Always cut steak against the grain. Now serve and enjoy your perfectly cooked steak.

How long to cook your steak per side

If you’re after a little luxury each week and want restaurant style dining in the comfort of your own home (like the gorgeous Beef Eye Fillet with Truffle Butter & Hand Cut Chips pictured above) make sure to explore the weekly new Gourmet recipe that you can add on to your My Choice order. You’ll definitely be able to nail the steak cooking!

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