Get Creative With Your Zoku Ice Mold

Jazz up your next drink with Zoku Ice Ball Molds! They are seriously impressive and are sure to impress your guests, but it’s not all about looks… Ice balls actually melt slower, delaying the dilution of your drink, making them the ideal pairing for a nice cold beverage!

To inspire your next creation, we’ve come up with some fun ideas on how to use your molds!

Cold brew

  1. Brew some coffee and pour into moulds and freeze straight away. 
  1. Remove ice from mould and serve in a short glass with your favourite milk. Enjoy your cold brew coffee as the ice melts! 

A pretty cocktail

  1. Fill the ice mould ¾ full with water and add fruit to the mould like sliced strawberries or grapes, you can also add edible flowers or citrus.  
  1. Serve in a large jug and fill with your favourite punch or just with sparkling water. 

Clear ice 

  1. Boil the kettle and pour boiling water into moulds and freeze straight away.  
  1. Remove ice from mould and use for serving “on the rocks” style drinks. 

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