Fresh Start: The Solution to your Resolutions

fresh start

Looking to get back on track after the festive season? Our Fresh Start 6 Week Reset is a great way to set healthy habits, kick-start routines, live your best life and be rewarded along the way!

Our team of Fresh Start experts have put together a comprehensive 6 weeks of motivational, informational and inspiring content. Touching on all things weight loss, well-being, healthy habits and more.

What is Fresh Start?

Fresh Start meal kits are designed to help you achieve your goals so you can be the best you! Choose from up to 12 deliciously healthy recipes every week, including vegetarian and ready-made options. All 450 calories or lower, refined sugar-free and with minimally processed carbs.

What is special about the 6 Week Reset Programme?

Join the Reset Programme and get:

  • 6 weeks of inspiring health & wellness content
  • Access to our team of experts to chat one on one
  • A personalised weight loss journey based on your gaols
  • Motivational & exclusive rewards along the way

What rewards will I get with the 6 Week Summer Reset?

We’re glad you asked! Check out the amazing rewards coming up this summer.

That’s great! Are there any other benefits?

Yes! Join a community of likeminded Fresh Start foodies who are on the same journey that you are. The Fresh Start Facebook group is a great place to connect with others and share your experiences.

I’m ready to kickstart my 6 Week Summer Reset journey. Where do I sign up?

We’re so pleased that you’re joining us! All you need to do is sign up at and keep ordering this summer to claim your rewards. Easy!

*Ts&C apply. Join the Fresh Start Summer Reset from 12 Jan 2022. The final day to join is Sunday 20 Feb 2022 with the first delivery of the campaign on 27 Feb 2022.

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