Start the year the deliciously healthy way with Fresh Start


Fresh year, fresh start, right? Sometimes getting back on track after the festive season can be difficult, but we’re here to help you do just that! Whether eating healthy is one of your New Year’s resolutions or you just need to switch back into the right gear after the holidays, making little changes can make a big difference. Our in-house dietitian, Catherine ‘Cucumber’, has some tips for starting the year on a healthier note.

  • Swap out soft drinks and mixers with refreshing sparkling water with fresh summer berries instead. For more healthier sparkling water drink ideas, check our our recipes here.
  • At your next BBQ, try subbing the sausages or red meat for barbecued veggies like courgettes, capsicum or tomatoes. It’s an easy way to cut down the amount of saturated fat on your plate.
  • Hold the butter and salt, and experiment with all the amazing fresh, in-season herbs for a flavour boost
  • On a hot summer’s day, drink plenty of water to fight off dehydration and fatigue – you may need as much as a whole extra litre in the hot summer weather!
  • Make the most of the fresh veggies in season, and focus on eating the rainbow each day
  • To find balance at your next BBQ or family gathering, start by filling half your plate with veggies, then top up your plate with the other goodies available
  • For a heart healthy summer, try trimming any visible fats off your BBQ meat before serving – it will still be delicious!

If you want to make healthy eating even easier throughout the year, be sure to check out our Fresh Start meal kit, designed to help you achieve your goals the delicious way so you can be the best you! Choose from up to 12 recipes each week including 5 vegetarian options to build your own bag of meals of 450 calories or less that use unrefined carbohydrates, are refined sugar free as well as naturally lower in gluten and dairy.

Catherine ‘Cucumber’

Dietitian, My Food Bag

As My Food Bag’s nutrition guru, Catherine makes sure all our recipes and products follow Nadia’s ‘Nude Food’ philosophy. She works closely with departments across the whole business including the Development Kitchen, Innovation and Marketing! “I have always loved people, food and science in equal parts, so I decided to base my career off nutrition science and become a Registered Dietitian. I like helping people to understand what I like to call ‘down-to-earth’ nutrition – no fads, detoxes, or buzz words here!” Her My Food Bag journey started a few years ago, when she was part of our Customer Love team during her studies. Before returning to My Food Bag, Catherine worked as a clinical Dietitian at a hospital.

When it comes to food, this foodie’s favourites couldn’t be more different! On the one hand, she can’t go without a good bread (especially a sandwich loaded with veggies!), and on the other hand she sneaks spinach into anything and everything that she can. When she’s not working, you’ll find her getting outdoors, escaping the city for a big walk and a picnic lunch, or enjoying the sunshine with live music and friends.

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