A Sustainable Christmas Gifting Guide

We all love Christmas, but we must admit, a lot of waste can come about from some of the traditions and festivities. Especially when it comes to gifting! We’ve rustled up a few ways to help reduce waste and support local when gifting for a sustainable Christmas.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrapping

All Wrapped Up!

We think the world of gift commercial wrapping has peaked! Gone are the days of excess, plastic, foils and glitters. Reusable, sustainable and gifting wrapping is the new future. Give some of these nifty sustainable Christmas gift-wrapping ideas a go this season!

  • Use wrapping that is 100% paper based – say goodbye to glitter, foil or plastic coated wrapping.
  • Rather than buying gift tags, you could write directly on the wrapping paper.
  • Use string or ribbon to secure your parcels, rather than tape. This also means the paper can be reused again easily after the gift has been opened.
  • Give Furoshiki, the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, a go! The fabric can be repurposed or even part of the gift itself, such as scarves or tea towels.
  • Lose the bow! Get out in the garden and find some sprigs of rosemary, mini pinecones or lavender to replace those sticky foil bows. You could even make it delicious by using dried orange slices, star anise or cinnamon sticks.

Mindful Gifting

We love the act of gifting and receiving, it’s an ancient gesture of love and kindness. For this reason, gifts don’t need to be expensive or excessive, they’re simply a tangible way to show affection and kindness. The gifts we choose to give can also make a real impact on not just the receiver, but our community!

  • Shop local, and especially NZ made, and support Kiwi businesses by doing so.
  • Buy goods made of recycled or natural fibres.
  • Look to buy goods with minimal packaging, or mention to the seller that excessive packaging isn’t necessary for your purchase.

Still stuck for a gift? Have a read of our local gift guide:  

  • Tahi Skin Oils are all locally made from foraging through Aotearoa’s beautiful landscape, whilst also protecting the whenua. Their range of oils are so dreamy and make the perfect gift.
  • Pure NZ rewarewa, Honey Bros. Honeycomb is the most delicious of gifts! The perfect addition to a cheese platter, granola bowl or simply slathered on toast.
  • NZ owned and designed Taatahi Merchants Umbrellas create their range of umbrellas from 100% recycled plastic bottles – perfect for summer!
  • Aotea Made balms are made from native floras grown in Aotea (Great Barrier Island). The therapeutic healing balms, hand soaps and skincare are inspired by mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge).
  • Local Artisan is a marketplace for local creators to sell their NZ made goods, the perfect place to peruse for gifts.
  • A New Zealand Experience! New Zealand tourism has had a rough year, so gifting a Kiwi experience is the perfect way to support our local businesses. It’ll be a memorable gift for the lucky receiver as well!

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